"I am proud to send out the holiday card. It’s a real keepsake, especially for those who have been associated with the Foundation and Winants Hall over many years. " – Nevin Kessler, President of the Rutgers University Foundation
Inspired by antique postcards of Rutgers University–New Brunswick, the holiday card recreates the experience of visiting the President at the historic Old Queens campus in winter. The building itself had to be photographed extensively in order to capture every etching and architectural detail in the illustration. The result, "a real keepsake". The design is accentuated with a custom die-cut, z-fold format, and glitter infused, red metallic foil stamping. The foil was upgraded free of charge by the printers to further elevate the piece, calling it "the best Christmas Card ever!" That same year, the holiday card won their internal awards. At the Foundation, the praise continued.
"Nevin’s holiday card is stunning! Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful holiday message for Nevin to send to our donors. You do great work, Sam." – Roberta O'Hara, Senior Director of Donor Relations
"It's really beautiful. I still can't believe you drew it!" – Julie Shadle, Vice President of Strategic Advancement Solutions
"Congratulations on the recognition and accomplishment of designing such a beautiful card. You are so talented, and we're lucky to have the chance to work with you." – Laura Stanik, Vice President of Communications
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