"We're killing it on social! Over 57,000 views on Facebook and we're getting so much great feedback!" Renee Mathys, Rutgers University Foundation, Marketing and Public Relations Manager
"This should be a RU television commercial during BIG10 events! I am convinced that this is better than any commercial shown during football games!" – Facebook User
"Just watched it again. Whoever did this should be applauded!" – Facebook User
With over 500,000 living alumni, how do you represent them all? How do you convey what it means to be #1in500k? Easy. Write the script. Choose 5 people from different backgrounds, age groups, and genders; who are changing their communities, impacting the masses, and revolutionizing their industries; who attended different campuses and areas of study. Next, convince them to participate, travel to their places of business, and find what makes them success stories while also capturing the larger whole that they are a part of and contributing to. Finally, make them pop with their own unique color palette to help distinguish them from each other further. On second thought, not so easy.
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